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[COM] Lily Ref by Anthonylix09 [COM] Lily Ref by Anthonylix09
Art (c) :iconjagged-rhythm:

Lily (c) :iconspeedlix09:

Age: 46
Specie: Kermode Bear (Spirit Bear) hybrid Giant Panda = Kanda Bear
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Sexual Orientation: Submissive
Hair Color: scarlet red with a black stripe in the middle of her hair
Hair Style: her hairstyle are like inner moka akashiya
Eye Color: light brown
Body Color and belly color:
Body Status: Curvaceous Figure Physical
Breast/Bust Cup size: H Cup big tits
Boobs Type: Natural
Feet type: Humanoid feets
Feets Size: 19.5
Friends/Related: Christina (best friend and great rival)
Height: 6’49.5”
Weight: 190lbs
Personality: True expert of Martial Arts like her best friend Christina, Patience, good heart, tough, heavy hitter, strong willed, Witty, great Advice giver whenever somebody has a problem, some lust, and a book worm

Classification Rank Level of Martial Artist: Legendary Martial Artist Master

Dual or Single Ki Type: Dual Chi/Ki/Qi (Specialize Dou)

Ki 2 Type: Chi/Ki/Qi no Shouka (Holding of Chi/Ki/Qi)

Affiliation: KatsujinKen (Saving Fist) - Literally "the Life giving fist". Fist Means Life, is a belief among martial artists where it is believed that martial arts practitioners should not kill an opponent, even if their own lives are at risk.

Like: Her best friend, Spar training, meditate, walking without pants, noodle, chicken fingers, Christina's adoptive son, and sparing match.
Dislike: being bother in her nap, panties thief, complaining students, braggers, and show-offs

Ability: Master Combatant, Superhuman Combat, Chi/Ki/Qi Energy Manipulation, Chi/Ki/Qi Augmentation, Superiority Training, Hand-To-Hand Combat Experience/Intuition, Rasengan, Spirit Gun, Spirit Shotgun, and Spirit Wave

Clothes: Her clothes are two combine base off Li Xiangfei's Pants from Fatal Fury and Kamui's Chinese martial arts,with a sky blue and white top sporting elbow length sleeves from Gintama

Boots: Auron's Boots from Final Fantasy X

Fighting Style: Monkey Kung Fu Style (Legendary Master Level), Nam Pai Chuan (Legendary Master Level), Kajukenbo (Legendary Master Level), Bear Style Kung Fu (Legnedary Master Level), Nanquan (Legendary Master Level), Jujutsu (Specializes in Kushinada Style, Aikido and Ancient Jujutsu) (Legendary Master Level), All Kempo/Kenpo-Styles China/Japan/American (Legendary Master Level), Chun Kuk Do (Legendary Master Level), Jeet Kune Do (Legendary Master Level), and All Karate-styles (Specializes in Mutenkendoku-Style and Kyokushin Karate) (Legendary Master Level)
DorofeyVolk Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
She looks cute :aww:
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May 15, 2016
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