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[COM] Andrew Longwei by Anthonylix09 [COM] Andrew Longwei by Anthonylix09
Art (c) :iconrb9:

Andrew Longwei (c) :iconspeedlix09:

Longwei's theme song: Seven Deadly Sins

Andrew H. (Harvey) Longwei

Nickname: Hiryuu Ashi (Flying Dragon Leg) or Altair Andrew

Age: 29
Specie: American Mammoth Mule (Offspring Of Male American Mammoth Donkey and Female Clydesdale Horse)
Spirit Longma
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexuality (Straight)
Hair Color: Snow White with dark gray stripe color in the middle
Hair Style: Long wild shaggy hair it's very similar Acnologia Human Form's hairstyle but his hair covering his eyes and neck-length.
Eye Color: reddish-brown
Ocular Techniques: Answer Talker
Body Color and belly color: dark brown fur and creamy white underbelly also muzzle
Body type: Well-Built Physique and young lean muscular athletic
Foot type: human feets
Abs Pack: 6 packs
Cock Size: 15in
Relationship: Valora (Longwei and her have a thing for each other)
Alignment: True Neutral
Height: 6'11
Weight: 210lbs
Personality: he is calculating individual, he have a certain soft spot for Valora. Genius, Badassery, Longwei's personality is best described as cold, great contrast, laid-back, short temper, truly cunning, stoic, stern, somber, or serious mind. But real kind heart, pacifist, spirited-free, very Wise, Loyal, and he respects all to everyone.

Appearance: Longwei's clothing in combination of three base off Long's Outfit from Bloody Roar 3 + Kensei Ma from Kenichi the mightiest disciple

Boots/Shoes wear: Izuku Midoriya's Shoes + Sanji's First Shoes from One piece unlimited adventures 1 in combination.

Hat Wear: Baseball Cap Hat

Ki Type: Chi/Ki no Kaihou and Chi/Ki no Shouka ("Release" of Chi/Ki/Qi and "Holding" of Chi/Ki/Qi) - which allows the user to release their Ki outward from their bodies and use it in various ways against their opponents. The only disciple leveled fighters capable of reaching this stage are High Class Disciples. The Experts and all of the Master Class levels have achieved practically endless uses of this stage of Ki control. Which allows the user to not only release and freely control their Ki in and out of their bodies, but even be able to pull in and redirect the Ki of other people. Some of the Grand Master level fighters have managed to perform this stage of Ki control, but the only ones who have mastered this stage are the fighters who have come to be known as Legendary Masters. Despite it's difficulty, Longwei has proven himself as the only known High Class Disciple to demonstrate this ability in combat.

Single or Dual Ki Type: Dual Ki (Specializes Dou)

Sei or Dou: Dou - The word "Dou" means motion. A Dou type martial artist uses his/her anger to exceed his/her limits. As such, they tend to be aggressive in combat, and very rarely strays from the offensive. At some cases, they are even bestial, as seen with Miu and Kisara, after receiving intense emotional pain and frustation, respectively. Users seem to rely heavily on instincts and brute strength when fighting. Dou fighters have a technique for reading the opponent's movements which relies on exciting themselves that's an equivalent to a Sei fighter's Ryūsui Seikūken. a Dou fighter focuses on making their ki "explode" after channelling it through a target to deal damage. Longwei are Dou types It appears that Dou types are more prone to move onto the path of Asura (the killing path), because they fight with anger, and can hardly control themselves when fighting. However, Longwei are able to uphold the principles of Katsujin-ken because of their own natural sense of kindness.

Affiliation: KatsujinKen (Saving Fist or The Life Giving Fist)

Aura/Chi/Ki/Qi Nature Transformation Type: Plasma Chi/Ki/Qi, Fire Release Chi/Ki/Qi, and Yin Chi/Ki/Qi Release

Martial Artist Rank Level: Elite Master Class

Like: his girlfriend, smoking his smoke pipe, sleeping, walking outside, his little sister, relax, word search, cross-word puzzle, doings acrobatic tricks, Soccer tricks, writing stories, reading, and musics
Dislike: cheaters, slackers, expire food, noise, spoliers, and blabber mouth.
Hobbie: playing Soccer, Card Games, and cross word puzzling.
Ailsa: Advanced Grand Master and Vice General of Katsujin-Ken (The Saving Fist) Warriors
Professional Career: Novelist Writer
Friend/Rival: Slider (Rival but Best Friend), Speedlix (Friend), Bartholomew (Friend), and Jack (Rival)
Family Members: Zali (Little Sister), Ignado (Little Brother), and Tina (Young Sister)

Fighting Style: Kuroashi no Waza (Black Leg Style) -Legendary Master Level-, All Chinese Kenpo (Legendary Master Level), All Karate-Styles (Specializes in Mutenkendoku-Style Karate) (Grand Master Level), BajiQuan + Zui Quan + Jeet Kune Do + Monkey Style Kung Fu + Eagle Claw Style + Chang Quan + Pigua Quan (Legendary Master Level), and Kyokushin Karate (Grand Master Level)

Black Leg Style Inspiration/Influence or Parenthood: Jao Kun Do (Leg Technique Way), Capeoira, Renewal Taekwondo Kicks-Style, ChangQuan (Tan Tui or Springing Legs), Muay Thai Kicks & Knee Strikes, Savate Kicks Technique, Parkour (The Art of Movement or Parkour Combat) (Grand Master Level), Supernatural Acrobatics, and Flowmotion Combat

Longwei Abilities: Hand-To-Hand Combat Intuition, Spiritual Hybridism, Chi/Ki/Qi Control, Seikuken, Fire Control, and Plasma Control

Eye Techniques: Ansau Toukaugan "Answer Talker Eye, lit. Eyes of The one who answers": The Answer Talker grants the user the psychic ability to know the answer to any question or problem. It is easily identified by the concentric circles in the user's pupils in the same manner. The Answer Talker can be used for a variety of actions, including, but not limited to, research, training, and combat. Also mainly utilize their abilities in combat, where they can instantly learn weaknesses, strengths, special abilities and other useful combat information.

Dig: It has been shown in the manga that knowledge immediately given by the Answer Talker can be used in everyday life for actions such as: understand any language or symbols effortlessly, determine the outcome of any mathematical or physical problem, know in advance the exact location (globally) of any person or thing, get the cure of any disease, and even the ability allows to know the operation and management of any device if it's the first time the user sees it.

Training: The skill can be used when seeking the most effective way to train for each individual, and reveals its user the gifts and hidden talents of individuals you want. This was done user to prepare in the best possible way to person and friends companions left for his battle with Clear Note, so that could wake up in a short time a lot of techniques of very high standard and improve exponentially the spells and skills they already had.

Combat: In full battle Answer Talker users can instantly learn any weakness, strength, special skills and other useful information about the enemy, letting you know the best way to fight him. You can also use the information provided to form combinations with allies impressive user just met recently. Similar to the above, if the user makes a team, and this gains a new techniques during combat, the Answer Talker will let you know what exactly the Abilities or attacks before launching it for the first time.

Attack Move:

Hand-to-Hand or Attack Techniques:

Roundhouse Turnover: A kick to the neck which Longwei does whilst still on the ground. This attack forms part of the Roundhouse, Axe Drop, Horse Kick, Spinning Roundhouse, Downward Push, Side Kick, Chapa Spades Shot Combo.

Jumping Roundhouse Shoot: Longwei jumps high into the air and lands a powerful kick to the opponent's neck.

Hammer Drop or Naeryo Chagi: A downward kick targeting the opponent's shoulder, meant to knock them off balance or drive them into the ground.

Hammer Drop Shoot: Longwei jumps into the air then brings his heel down on the opponent's shoulder.

Horse Kick and Lower Club: Dropping down into a one-handed handstand position, Longwei kicks the opponent hard in the ribs, this attack is usually followed by Lower Club. Commonly used as a combo attack with Horse Kick, using the momentum from the Horse Kick attack Longwei (still in a handstand) spins around in the opposite direction to deliver a fast kick to the opponent's lower back or lumbar region.

Downward Push: A stabbing kick straight into the opponent's chest.

Downward Push Shot: except that this time Longwei aims a little higher and kicks up instead of down.

Spinning Roundhouse: Running at the opponent Longwei delivers a sweeping kick to the knee caps, the opponent is either send flying or slammed to the ground as a result.

Piston Mule Kick: One of Longwei's strongest single kicks, and a common finishing move. He starts by jumping or flipping into the air then channels all his might into one leg to deliver a piston mule kick to the opponent's midsection, or sometimes their head, that sends them flying.

Great Jack Combo: First All attack forms part of the Roundhouse, Axe Drop, Horse Kick, Lower Club, Downward Push, Spinning Roundhouse, Piston Mule Shot Combo.

Hook Kick Shot: Longwei lifts one of his legs up high and hooks his foot around the opponent's neck, then uses that leg to smash the opponent's face into the ground hard.

Mighty Alpha Kick: One of Longwei's strongest single kick attack, he delivers a massive vertical kick by lifting one of his legs a full 180 degrees in the air. This attack is usually aimed at the very center of the opponent's torso (front or back) and is almost always enough to defeat any opponent with one shot. For much taller and gigantic targets, Longwei usually jumps to the desired height to execute the move.

Strong Kick Combo: The user begins with kicking the opponent into the air. Once airborne, the user will then kick the opponent in the face before finishing with a powerful drop kick that will send the opponent back down to the ground, emitting a Lightning Plasma Ki.

Shoulder Reversal Blast: A mid-air attack, Longwei kicks one leg straight forward to attack the opponent while kicking the other one backwards to provide the necessary momentum.

Scythe Lasher: A sweeping kick, usually performed from the back targeting the opponent's back, very useful for sending an opponent flying in preparation for another kick.

Collar Piercer: A straight on side kick targeting the middle area of the opponent's collar bone.

Taebek: A simple kick to the opponent's stomach. Longwei kicks the opponent with a head on snap kick.

Gor Yo: Longwei flips over into a double-handed handstand, spins around and kicks the opponent.

Spinning Top: Longwei continues spinning with the momentum from Gor Yo and swings his other leg around to kick the opponent's tail bone.

Sic Bo: Often used right before or after Rhino Horn, Longwei sends a hard kick to the opponent's thigh. This can be used to attack or block an incoming kick. A hard kick to the thigh that sends the opponent flying.

Rhino Horn: Often used right before or after Sic Bo, Longwei sends a hard kick to the opponent's shin. This can be used to attack or block an incoming kick.

Almighty Mule Kick: Another one of Longwei's strongest/finisher attacks, leaps into the air and sweeps his leg forward to land a powerful kick to the center of the opponent's torso.

Wild Hoove Combo: Second All attack form parts of the Shoulder Reversal Blast, Scythe Lasher, Collar Piercer, Taebak, Gor Yo, Spinning Top, Sic Bo, Rhino Horn, Almighty Mule Kick Shot Combo

Wind Blade Kick: Longwei throws himself at his foe and does a front flip, during which he throws his foot out to kick his opponent using the momentum of the flip.

Spinning King Axe: Another finisher, Longwei leaps high into the air and starts flipping over rapidly to gain speed, then he brings the heel of his foot down on the opponent's head. Longwei can also use this attack by standing on one hand sideways while facing his opponent before spinning around rapidly and delivering a kick to his opponent's side.

Gyro Nigawa: Longwei does a series of backflips towards his opponent before using his hands for one final push to launch him towards and opponent's face where he delivers several fast kicks.

Baek Rok Ace: Often used as the final blow in a series of attacks, Longwei lands on his hands underneath an opponent's chin, then uses both hands to spring upwards to deliver a blow to the opponent's chin with both feet.

Disarm Swift Shot: A disarming attack where Longwei runs forward, jumps into the air and kicks the opponent's hand to do damage and knock a weapon from their hand.

Helicopter Spinner: An attack for fighting against large groups, Longwei jumps into the air and lands on the head of one of the opponents in a hand stand. He then spins around rapidly to deliver a savage kick to the face of anyone within range. After he runs out of targets, he dismounts and kicks the person he was spinning on. Longwei normally does this move with a hand stand on the ground.

Helicopter Spinner: Andrew goes into a handstand and turn himself into a spinning human top, anyone he gets close to receives a hard kick, he ends the attack with a strong kick to the opponent's thigh. This technique is ideal for breaking an opponent's guard and leaving them vulnerable before a strong attack.

Reverse Death Scythe Spinner: An version of Death Scythe Spinner, Longwei release an strong cartwheels through the air. The spins and moves the most and causes the most damage.

Drill Bunker Blow: Longwei jumps over the top of his opponent and aims one leg directly downwards towards the opponent. He then drops downwards while spinning like a drill to spear his opponent with his extended leg.

Soksa: A powerful kick to the neck, Longwei leans forwards and launches his foot up into his opponent's throat. This attack is altered in the anime to a dual kick to defeat two opponents, with an added spin for extra damage.

Royal Skyward Haven: An attack for use against several opponents, Longwei leans forward and kicks several opponents skywards.

Skull Basher: A jumping kick to the forehead. Longwei's referring to the extremely thin flesh covering the skull.

Ace Socket Shot: A straight on kick to the opponent's eyes.

Nose Buster: A straight on kick to the opponent's nose.

Cheek Kicker: A straight-on kick to the opponent's cheek. Longwei leans forward and delivers a hard side kick to one of the opponent's cheeks.

Texas Chomps/Jaw Breaker: A straight on kick to the opponent's upper jaw, this attack targets the roof of their mouth, and thus can only be done when the opponent's mouth is open.

Teeth KO: A straight on kick to the opponent's teeth, Longwei hits both the upper and lower sets of teeth at the same time, and thus he can only use his attack when the opponent's mouth is closed.

Chin Strucker: A straight on kick to the opponent's lower jaw/chin.

Quick Surgery Shot: Longwei delivers a barrage of kicks to every single section of the opponent's face, these kicks are so powerful that they can alter the bone structure of the unlucky recipient. And for some reason, this also seems to affect their facial and hair structures.

Painful Examine Combo: Third All attack forms part of Ace Socket, Nose Buster, Cheek Kicker, Texas Chomps/Jaw Breaker, Teeth KO, Chin Strucker, Quick Surgery Shot Combo

Triple Wild Jackpot: Longwei throws three powerful near-simultaneous roundhouse kicks with one leg to the opponent's throat, chest and stomach, striking them with the entire length of his leg.

Flying Spear: Longwei attacks with a powerful flying sidekick, he also uses this attack to break down walls.

Ryuuga: Andrew positions himself underneath his opponent and throws a hard upwards kick to his opponent's jawbone.

Double Hooves Stampede: Longwei does a running jump and kicks with both legs into an opponent's stomach.

Extra Double Hooves Stampede: Longwei does a running jump and release a barrage of hard kicks launched at multiple directions.

Wild Stampede Hooves: A powerful Black Leg Style move, Longwei does a running jump then release a volley barrage of quick hard kicks at multiple directions and strikes the enemies with a rapid and powerful strike all around. However, due to the monstrous force that Longwei can deliver while administering his kicks, this is considered as the "grandest" of Longwei's Hooves series.

Mighty Asura Fury: Longwei lets loose with a high-speed flurry of punches that mimics the fast beating of wings. The speed is so high that the normal human eye cannot catch each strike. This is an all-out attack.

Jinenken-Nejiri Nukite: A strike that is a spinning knife-hand, that can be used to pierce through what it hits. In the hands of Akira Hongo, it is a lethal weapon and one of his more prominently used techniques in variation, having the ability to use it to skewer through flesh and bone with ease.

Phantasm Eagle Dive Claw: Andrew jumps high in the air then create his shadow copies to follows his every move next he dives down diagonally towards the ground with his arms spread out backwards like wings and he lunge himself down at his opponent with a power concentrated lightning chi dive claw.

Spinning Dragon Rise Heaven: Andrew emits an enormous amount of chi. After gathering all of this chi around his fist then compress it, the amount of Chi manifest of teal blue flickering dragon-like chi aura. He then dashes forward at such an extreme speed that brake the any powerful barriers making it impossible for the target to defend against it. Andrew deals with a immensely powerful uppercut with a powerful spin which carries such force that it is capable of this technique gains the added effect of reversing the Ki flow of the opponent as they are hit, which actually healed and stabilized the damage done.

True Eight trigrams sixty-four palm: Longwei leaps forward and strikes the opponent several times in the back before dashing in front of them. He strikes several more times until using an Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven-like strike to launch the opponent into the air. There, Longwei strikes the opponent before several more times hitting them once more at light speed, blasting them into the air in a beam of Ki.

Eight Trigrams Three-Hundred-Sixty-One Style: This techinques allows the user to strike all 361 Ki points of the opponent, paralysing them with each blow and instantly killing them upon the final hit. When using this technique, the speed of the user is comparable to that of the Reverse Lotus.

Eight Trigrams Air Palm: To perform it, the user precisely pinpoints the enemy's vital points with the Answer Talker and releases a high-speed palm thrust. A "vacuum shell" compressed using the Gentle Fist is formed to attack the opponent's vitals from a distance, blowing them off their feet with tremendous force before they even notice they were hit.

Great Gale Vacuum Palm: A powerful burst of air, fired from the palm, this is Gentle Fist's signature technique. Capable of ripping through a forest of tree's, leaving fallen foliage in it's path.

Azure Gun Shot: It's Andrew great offensive attack technique, He charges the amount of Azure fire-lightning Ki energy which spiraling onto energy sphere then concentration into his right/left index finger and he continues to focus energy making the energy grow, it continues to focus the energy until it reaches a critical mass, and then pulls an imaginary trigger released then Andrew shoots a cannonball of Ki/Aura energy as a large energy blast-enveloped projectile with enough power to completely obliterate machine and release a powerful damage on the target.

Guren Enjinkyaku (Crimson Lotus Flame Hasty Leg): Longwei begins with a jumping kick that, if successful in hitting the opponent, begins the attack combination where he jumps off the opponent with the other foot, spinning on the ground backwards before he runs back up and hits the opponent with a furious upward-flying flaming Tatsumaki that ends with a final, slightly prolonged kick going straight across the opponent's face.

Longma Hotengeki Yari (Longma Heavenward Halberd Spear): Longwei creates a Halberd Spear which are infused with Azure Fire-Lightning-nature chi/ki/qi between his hands or his single hand. Then forming a shape to look like King's Spirit Spear Chastiefol from The seven deadly sins, this spear will continue to grow in size until it reaches its peak electrical and amperage levels which then causes it to violently discharge in the direction pointed. The discharge is not only powerful but also very dome wide size. He then hurl such spear at the enemy. This technique would've been strong enough to generates a massive, explosion of fire-lightning energy at the opponent also causing a great devastates the area.

Indra's Arrow: Longwei then creates a longbow and arrow which are infused with fire-lightning natured chi/ki/qi. One arrow was powerful enough to producing a massive explosion of electricity.

Azuru-tiru Kasai Ashi (Azure-Teal Fire Leg): In this form, Andrew, due to the high temperature has the ability to burn his opponents. While like this, he can light his opponent on fire. It is also later revealed that Andrew can utilize this with either his left or right leg. Andrew would activate Azuru-tiru Kasai Ashi by spinning at high speeds, thus heating up his leg due to friction. Andrew is able to spontaneously ignite his leg(s) to Azuru-tiru Kasai Ashi and thus is no longer dependent on spinning to do so, even capable of igniting his leg underwater. Also differs from the fact that when activated, it seems more shinier, with a cross of light on the tiptoe. Andrew can now activate Tiruburu Kasai Ashi in both legs simultaneously.

Azure Piston Dragon Strike: Andrew performs a Tiruburu Kasai Ashi mode.

Longma Fiery Finale: Longma launching a powerful two-streamed blast of fireball energy from his hands which hits many times. It expands vertically as it moves away from Mario. As the blast moves away from him, opponents that come in contact with the vortex are knocked slightly to the side, and are thus forced to travel with it while he in his Spirit Hybrid form. It's similar of Mario Finale from Super Smash Bros but with an fire energy.

meteor Strike: Andrew, spinning horizontally in the air, kicks the opponent repeatedly in the chest and belly, finishing the attack with a powerful axe kick on the head with the speed, heat, and strength of the Azuru-tiru Kasai Ashi mode.

Soaring Hiryuu: Andrew does a running jump and kicks with both legs into an opponent's stomach rapidly various times.

Axle Burner Strike: Andrew kicks the side of an opponent with his foot and Azuru-tiru Kasai Ashi's heat greatly increases the power, often with explosive effect. The target is usually kicked downwards, causing them to come crashing into the ground and create a strong crater.

Fiery Wild Stampede Hooves: Longwei leaps into the air then launches a fierce barrage of Azure-Teal flaming kicks at multiple directions then strikes the enemies with a rapid and powerful strike all around the light from the attack and the speed at which it is delivered make it look like one big Azure-Teal fire blast.

Burning Flambage Combustion: A completely revamped version of the original Flambage Combustion. Jumping high into the air, Andrew delivers three simultaneous kicks in three directions (left, right, and forward) while in Azuru-tiru Kasai Ashi mode, resulting in flames spiraling towards the target at the point of impact.

Ground Walk Road Burner: Andrew kicks off the ground to dash accelerates a supersonic speeds, creating a sonic boom towards his opponent at high speed in order to launch a follow up attack and leaving tongues of Azure-Teal flames where he made while in Azuru-tiru Kasai Ashi Mode.

Eagle Dive Claw: Andrew spin his body at a ferocious speed with his arms spread out backwards like wings. Then a white stream is created behind it and it is surrounded by spirals of wind also deliver many powerful beast-like attacks when contact is made with the target. The force of this attack is strong enough to drill through stone.

Burning Eagle diving Claw: Andrew form a eagle stance as he jumps in the air, then have his body, then teal-blue energy stream is created behind it and it is surrounded by spirals of fire energy, also in a violent assault against the enemy. The ultra-violent rotation creates a fiery energy vacuum vortex in its surroundings, that tears and burns the enemy apart even without touching them directly.

Super Burning Eagle Claw: Andrew form a eagle stance as he jumps in the air, and just like its parent technique, have his body spin as he stick his hand out next form his hand into a claw, then teal-blue energy stream is created behind it and it is surrounded by spirals of fire energy, also in a violent assault against the enemy. The power is great enough to break through three powerful force field without losing its power and leaving his opponent burning.

Giga Eagle Dive Drill Combustion: Andrew goes into spirit hybrid form, he emits an enormous amount of Ki/Chi Azure Lightning Energy. After gathering all of Chi/Ki azure lightning energy shroud his body, then have his body spin to create a energy tornado vortex surrounding himself a azure energy stream by spiraling it, It appears to be initiated by a punch and at which point it quickly becomes a spiral energy vortex drill. Forming into a dragon head with long whiskers attach out of the mouth its a forming energy spiraling giga drill, it attacks the target aiming to break through, at which point they are pierce energy inside the attack. After initiating the attack, the user appears to remain shielded within the base of the spiraling energy vortex as the outward surface of the dragon seems to be solid enough for a person to impact and rebound off of, making the only way to enter the technique once it has been initiated is being creates a large dome explosion of concentrated energy/Ki, which engulfs his opponent and heavily damages them. (the idea from Master Chen, Kiba, and Might guy from Naruto)

Azure Dragon Stream Palm: While he's in spirit hybrid form, Azure Lightning Stream concentrates a large volume of lightning chakra to Longwei's hand. This is where the technique deviates however. Instead of using the technique as a short-range strike, Azure Dragon Stream applies Shape Transformation and Nature Transformation to create a form of lightning dragon and release blast of lightning which Longwei fires from cupped hands when held vertically in front. Longwei cupping the formed sphere at his side to be thrown forward seconds after in the form of a powerful lightning wave.

Raging Azure Dragon Palm: After Longwei in spirit hybrid form, he emits an enormous amount of plasma chi/ki energy his whole body catching lightning ki energy then After gathering all of this lightning ki energy around his body, His electrifying chi/ki energy manifests into azure lightning chi, flickering Dragon-like aura. He then dashes forward at such an extreme speed that the space within the immediate vicinity of the technique is distorted, making it impossible for the target to defend against it. Longwei then deliver an immensely powerful palm strike which launches a great powerful force that it is capable of obliterating the target's Armor and give heaviest/critical damage on the target as well by sent flying backwards, creating a devastating shock wave linear to the single palm strike.

Azure Railgun: Longwei uses Chi/Ki to gathering electromagnetism/lightning Chi/Ki in his fingers and releasing it in the form of a beam traveling at incredible speeds, the size of the beams depend on the amount of chi/ki gathered, ranging with form a lightning beam incredible piercing power to that of a giant blast capable of obliterating everything in its path. It is difficult to dodge as it can be used in an instant.

Azure Burst Railgun: An advanced verison, Longwei focus his lighting/plasma chi/ki into his index finger forming a railgun. After gathering enough Chi/ki then he fires a gigantic beam of electrical and chi/ki, which creates an enormous burst explosion upon impact.

Yin Release Azure Lightning Dispatch Cannon: After entering Spirit Hybrid Form by using Yin Release to create form from nothingness and combining it with natural energy, user generates a orb of lightning in their palm, the user then fires the built-up Chi/Ki/energy at their target as a massive concentration of chi/ki/energy which resembles a lightning strike. The effect has devastatingly destructive results, being able to create a massive crater.
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